New Species from Asia

Is it me or does it seem like we under attack by Asia, but they just aren’t using guns or missiles. Instead, we are seeing a growing number of new species of animals that are popping up all over the place.

Makes me think we really need to spend more time in customs enforcement to ensure we keep things under control and try to do some trace routing to learn how these animals are getting here, and preventing future animals from taking the same path.

From what I’ve read about, we have seen, “Murder Hornets,” Stink Bugs, Snakehead Fish and now this new bug that has the potential to threaten crops in Florida.

The impact of these species seems to be significant in many cases. In other cases, the threat is significant and, in the case of the Murder Hornets, we can only hope that we caught that issue quick enough to prevent issues.

Part of the issue could be faults in the import system or it could be improvements that are the issue. Faster shipping times and more controlled environments could mean that animals hitching rides might be able to survive the trips and shipping companies that are looking to increase volume might be willing to cut corners to save money, possibly exposing the country to risks.

In all cases mentioned above, I don’t think any agency has been held accountable. The snakehead fish that was some kind of monster fish that can walk on land to find new bodies of water. It was thought to have escaped from a pond that was likely seeded by someone releasing a pet. It likely walked to a nearby river where it has been feeding on other local species. It, being a new species, does not have a known predator, other than humans who now receive bounties – from what I’ve heard – to catch the fish.

Snakehead Fish – Credit

In over 10 states now, it sounds as though the fish will be in most states soon.