Growing up, I can’t say that I was a big Star Wars fan. I do remember owning a Boba Fet action figure that was about two feet tall and shot a hook out of its fist. Pretty cool. My mother probably threw it away at some point because, like a lot of things, it just disappeared from my consciousness.

Who knew that the guy who starred in Swingers with Vince Vaughn would go on to create a new Star Wars series that is, in my opinion, the best show on any platform right now.

It definitely comes across as a new-age western, with many of the same kind of shoot ’em up scenes someone might see in a western movie, but with lasers and some really amazing special effects. Special effects have come far. The Mandalorian is bring big budget special effects to an online series.

I played a few small roles in a Netflix movie with a budget of over $100M and can tell you that a lot of time and money was spent on even the smallest scene, sometimes spending days on something that might only be a 30 or 60 second part of the show, after editing.

I almost feel as though I am watching a new movie every week.

The character is relatable, struggling through various situations, using creativity to get out of a pinch and usually trying to be far while not being taken advantage of.

Credit Walt Disney Corp. The Mandalorian.

This is a far better story than Solo, which went nowhere. A shame because Han Solo is a great character. Maybe that will be revisited in the future with a similar series. But, for not, the Mandalorian is great as a kinda’ mix between a serious action figure who is out there trying to make it happen.

They have a new episode on Disney + every Friday. I have actually found myself looking for the new episodes and that reminds me of how I used to wake up early to try to catch the new episode of Spider Man on my grainy non-cable TV around 1982 or 1982, which was probably reruns from the 70s show.



I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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