My 2021 list of home improvements includes:

  • Install a new deck and staircase in the rear of the house
  • Install a new ductless HVAC system including removing the boiler, removing the very large gas tank (aka heating oil) in the basement, and replacing the piping.
  • Removing the dividing walls in the living room and kitchen.
  • Install 2 roof skylights in the garage.
  • Install one roof skylight in main hallway.
  • Repair the cracks in the plaster ceilings.
  • Pain the entire house – room by room – including the doors.
  • Install backsplash and new flooring in the kitchen.
  • Finish renovating the basement bathroom including paint.
  • Replace the master bath shower hardware to match the sink, and locate the source of the leak, and install a blue-tooth vent fan.
  • Source the leak in the corner of the basement.
  • Replace the tongue and groove ceiling in the front of the house with new, freshly stained tongue and groove pine panel, and install new trim. Check for leak on rear.

More projects to come.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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