Home Mic Review – Blue Yetti

What computer microphone should I buy? That is the question.

Many of us might be tempted to go by the Amazon ratings or suggestion from a friend. Yesterday, while listening to a radio show host talking to his associate, one of the hosts commented on how great the other host sounds – speaking from his home microphone. His response, “Blue Yetti.

PURCHASE Blue Yetti.

I currently have a SAMSON GO MIC that I bought a couple of years ago. To be honest, I usually just plug in my iPhone headphones or, as I have on right now, a set of lesser quality headphones with an audio microphone. All work find.

But, I suppose if you are going to be up against the scrutiny of sound engineers and are broadcasting to a wide audience, it would be best to sound as good as possible. In my review of Amazon ratings for the Blue Yetti, the ratings look on par with the ratings for SAMSON GO, but I’ve never had anyone compliment me on how good I sounded on the SAMSON GO MIC.

Surprisingly, the price for the Blue Yetti is about twice as much as SAMSON GO MIC and the Blue Yetti is not even available – apparently due to increased demand – until late December.

I’m going to have to give it a try though, and compare the results. More on that after I purchase.