I’ve been working with Excel for years. At first Google Sheets seemed a little too basic and I wasn’t sure about putting a lot of personal information online. Like all good software, the more I thought about how to get organized, the more I thought about that software as the way to do it. And, if Google isn’t secure – who is?

Google Sheets allows me to post lists and other information securely, access those lists from other devices and share them when needed. I worry less about my computer crashing and losing years of data because it is all stored in Google’s cloud system.

I started with one sheet and now have hundreds of sheets and docs that I use to get organized. I can link to websites or stored documents.

I’ve found that it is finally helping me to start to move past a lot of the superficial data, get it out of my head while I really drill down and think through things on a deeper level. My biggest issue in the past has been that I just get overloaded trying to remember everything and forget something, and then the entire plan stalls or falls apart.

The biggest different between do-it-yourself people and professionals is the level of organization they have to manage projects. Now, with organization tools and low-cost software available to all of us, we can start to organize our thoughts and come up with new ideas for projects and research how to get those projects done.

I listing everything, you can think more about the material you are going to use, break down costs and where to buy what is needed to make it happen.

We can also create our own vendor lists instead of having to rely on Angie’s List or some other online vendor program.

Sample Organization List

This is a sample organization list I created. For each room, I’ve broken down what needs to be done, ideas for how to make the room better and the materials and related costs to make it happen.

Ever day I come up with new ideas. In many cases it is to fix something that is broken. Each time I learn something new that I can use if I need to fix something again in the future. It really is never ending.

My biggest projects from now until next Spring are to fix a leak in the house, finish the basement bathroom, reorganize the garage, remove a tree in the front yard and paint the house. Each of those projects requires a bit of planning and instead of keeping all of that in my head – I’m using Sheets to help.

I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get organized.

Hose to Use Google Sheets to Get Organized – Gary Pick

As you can see, each spreadsheet is for a different part of my life. Click on the screenshot to enlarge it. I organize home improvements and even started tracking the pandemic back in January.

Give it a try and reach out to me if you need help.

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I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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