Could a six-week shutdown defeat Covid-19?

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Could a six-week shutdown defeat the COVID-19 virus? If so, could it also simultaneously defeat the 4 strains of influenza for as long as people from other countries don’t bring it back?

The answers are somewhat expected but one answer received hundreds of votes. This is it.

You mean a total and complete shut down? No one leaving their house, at all, for any reason?

Yes, this would wipe out covid and flu. But there are two significant issues with this plan.

First, six weeks would be insufficient. Covid could bounce around a group living facility for much longer than that, easily. Think: jails, college dorms, retirement homes, etc.

So you’d need to do 6 weeks for everyone BUT an extra 2 weeks per person in their living facilities. That would potentially leave people locked into jails for years. But let’s suppose we could utilize testing to potentially release them from this earlier (e.g., if your facility tests daily and goes 2 months with no positive cases, then we declare you “clean.”).

On the same logic, if you could actually enforce a shutdown like this, it wouldn’t need to be 6 weeks. Lock everyone inside for two weeks, test every couple of days. People are certified as “free” if no one in their household is testing positive. Slowly, everyone would be allowed out again.

Second, in the process, soooo many would die. Yeah, minor issue. See, homes are not self sufficient. People need food and medicine, and that takes people to transport this stuff. Doctors and nurses need to go into work. We need the internet — services depend on it — so people have to go into work to maintain things.

But sure, a total 6 week quarantine would indeed stop covid. It would just kill many people in the process.

And we haven’t even gotten to the massive riots that would happen if a country like the US tried to do this…”

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