Backyard Restaurant – Towson

Restaurants have not done well during the pandemic. This restaurant, in downtown Towson, used to be a Green Turtle but late last year they ended their franchise agreement and became the Backyard Grill.

Rooftop decks are extremely popular in some areas of downtown Baltimore where row homes don’t have a lot of space and people like the view afforded by a nice rooftop deck.

This restaurant was fortunately to have a nice outdoor area that has helped them over the past 6 months, while other businesses are wondering how they are going to stay in business if the pandemic stretches on too much longer.

Backyard Grill

It is located in the former Finkelstein’s clothing store location. If you don’t remember Finkelstein’s, they sold stuff that you can now buy at places like Target or other mid-market places for about half the cost. But, the place has space.

It is a multi-level restaurant that feels like it must have secret rooms.

Go and explore.